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Specialist Anxiety Clinic

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

I have been setting up a specialist anxiety clinic. For many years I have been working with patients suffering from a variety of anxiety based disorders and have found at 6 month follow-up irrespective of the type of therapy, something was lacking for some. So, I started to look outside the box and found an extensive amount of research around the reduction of anxiety using exercise.

As a result of the research of people like Oeland AM, Laessoe U, Oleson AV, Munk-Jorgenson P C. Barr Taylor, MD James F. Sallis, PhD RNeedle, PhD, I have integrated exercise (with a personal trainer) with specific type of CBT to form a new type of evidence based therapy for clients suffering from anxiety related illness. This integrated therapy will float under a positive Therapeutic Relationship. I still believe that it is the Therapeutic Relationship that far outweighs any other factors in therapy and it is from there that one needs to integrate whatever therapy will meet the need of the client.

This therapy model works with the client from both body and mind perspectives.  I also feel that the effects of exercise which are similar to the symptoms of anxiety i.e. shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, tightness around the chest, sweating will be reframed into a positive experience with the help of therapy and therefore on an experiential level their angst about feeling anxious will be brought under control a lot faster.

Do the free Anxiety test on my main website under the “Do I need Therapy” tag.

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Terrific Body Image 2011/12

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Body Image will draw to a close in March. The Terrific Transformations forum will still be live for all members as support.

Body Image 2011- 2012 team

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Body Image team is three months in on a nine month journey. Tania Blom is making use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT ) to drive the changes in the teams relationship with food. resulting in the team seeing food as fuel and not as a comfort or friend or confidant anymore.

The Terrific Transformations forum has become the friend confidant, emotional support and the seat of many new friends as we concentrate on healing the body and mind while we teach the body to burn the fat around the organs as well as on other sites in the body.

If you would like to be part of the next intake, contact Tania Blom either via or click on the tab on this site, or via or click on the Terrific icon on this site.

This is a life changing journey.

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