Do I need therapy?

Do you feel you may need help but are unsure if professional therapy is the right step for you? Try these questionnaires, answering as truthfully as possible, to see if I can help you deal with your problems.

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1.  I get sudden feelings of panic.

Not at all

Quite a lot


Very frequently

2.  I feel restless as if I have to be on the move


Pretty much


Not at all

3.  I get a type of scared feeling like “butterflies” in my stomach


Incredibly often

Now and again

On the whole continually

4.  I feel edgy or agitated

Most of the time

A lot of the time


Not at all

5.  I get a frightened feeling as though something awful is about to happen

Not at all

A little but it does not bother me

Yes, but not too badly

Frequently and quite badly

6.  Disturbing thoughts go through my mind

A vast amount of the time

A lot of the time

Not too often

Very little


therapist quoe Tania’s communication with her client is precise and down to earth.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allowed me to “realise” my situation and gain an independence to deal with issues with confidence and independence.

Over time, a therapeutic relationship built between Tania and me...
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