Do I need therapy?

Do you feel you may need help but are usure if professional therapy is the right step for you? Try these questionnaires, answering as truthfully as possible, to see if I can help you deal with your problems.

1.  I feel as though I am slowed down.

Not at all


Very regularly

Practically all of the time

2.  I have lost interest in my appearance


I don't take as much care as I should

I may not take quite as much care

I take just as much care as ever

3.  I still enjoy the things I used to enjoy

Definitely as much

Not quite as much

Only a little

Hardly at all

4.  I feel cheerful


Not often


Most of the time

5.  I look forward with enjoyment to things

To the same extent as I ever did

Somewhat less than previously

Absolutely less than I used to

Hardly at all

6.  I can laugh and see the humour in things

Not at all

Definitely not so much now

Not quite as much now

As much as I always could


therapist quoe Tania’s communication with her client is precise and down to earth.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allowed me to “realise” my situation and gain an independence to deal with issues with confidence and independence.

Over time, a therapeutic relationship built between Tania and me...
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