What is online therapy?

online Therapy

Online therapy is where the therapeutic relationship is managed over the internet rather than face-to-face. Although it is often helpful to have an initial first session face-to-face in Bristol.

Each week you send an e-mail to me about your concerns and I will respond within a few days by e-mail. You will therefore have a complete copy of all your sessions and you can look back on these and see if you are sustaining the changes you decided on.

One of the benefits of online therapy is the act of taking the time to write down your issues for someone else to read. It allows you to identify and recognise the issues you are confronting, crystallising it in your mind. It also gives you time to reflect on them even before you have received a response. Online therapy also provides you with the opportunity to experience first hand what it is like to engage in a confiding relationship whilst keeping a safe distance. People working online have discovered that the impact of verbal communication increases when we are dependant on words. Words become more important and vital.

There are also alternative ways of expressing things online which add to the words:

  • Putting what you are thinking or feeling in brackets (I am feeling sad/angry/
    confused as I write this or I keep thinking as I write that that I sound angry)
  • Stating the emotion you feel as you write (sad/relieved/angry/fed up)

Honesty is very important in online therapy as you do not have the normal queues to help communication and you do not have “tone of voice” in e-mails. Should anything be written that you do not understand or that upsets you, it is imperative that you portray this to me as I would be unaware of causing you negative emotions.

A lot of people also feel that they can discuss things on e-mail that they would not have been able to even mention in a face-to-face consultation. The converse is also true and you need to be sure that you are comfortable and feel safe in discussing the issues that you bring to the therapy session.

Online therapy is a solution for individuals who do not want to see someone face-to-face, do not have enough free time during the day on a regular basis or who live too far to attend regular counselling in Bristol.

The process for starting therapy

If you feel that online therapy is suitable for you, complete the form below. We will then discuss; problems or issues you wish to resolve, expectations, frequency of contact and a therapy plan. This could be done via email or if possible, you might want to have your first session in person.

Once the therapy plan is agreed, payment is made electronically via my payment page.


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therapist quoe Therapy is a safe and nurturing space in which you can get all the buried anguish out, see your problems or fears for what they really are and get shot of them forever.

I never believed that I could ever like myself deep down as I was taught to be worthless by an early age, but seeing Tania has changed that...
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